Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Acne scar namely fades away of beauty sharing text

(Responsibility editor:Week path 偲 )
Win a new net to give chanel handbags or get an electric shock to report according to 《Apple Daily 》 in Taiwan on January 21, the medium report beauty blogger(blog) Lin Ha Ni on the 20th, the net sticks to wipe the Parisian Lai friendship fair frost, four days of company, acne scar namely fades away of beauty sharing text, but be grasped by the net friend to wrap all of the photographs that four days take effect is take with sky to be suspected of cooking up.
Lin Ha Ni after connecting to stick in the unknown blog yesterday two apology texts immediately closed a version to"precipitate", the hope net friend gave her an opportunity and"again paided the most deep apology to the negligence that delivered a text";Bureau public health in Taipei City namely registered for the record a survey yesterday, will around talk that the company of Lin Ha Ni and sale explains.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

That the industrial injury prevent°from into the rules that the fund pays and used industrial injury officers and workers

New 《regulation 》 definitely brings the expenseses, such as publicity and training...etc. that the industrial injury prevent°from into the rules that the fund pays and used industrial injury officers and workers,"hospitalization meals allowance" that person is unit paid and"orchestration region outside cure of transportation board and lodging fee" and"terminated or relieved a time of medical subsidy for relating to labor" to change at first fund to unify to pay from the industrial injury insurance.The norm unified the industrial injury officers and workers, treatment standard, eased three burden of using person is unit of protectings at the same time and raised the aggressive that the business enterprise takes part in industrial injury insurance.
Person in Shanghai City protects a bureau to emphasize, three protect industrial injury insurance, is use a person unit dispersion risk of a kind of method, understand laws and take part in industrial injury insurance beneficial hence the legality used person is unit and industrial injury officers and workers maintains the rights.

A time of wounded and disabled subsidy increases 1-3 months officers and workers

New 《regulation 》 simplified industrial injury to affirm procedure and knew to the fact, the right obligation is explicit of the industrial injury affirm an application, should on the 15th inside make decision that industrial injury affirms.New 《regulation 》 canceled industrial injury to affirm to dispute medium administration to reply to place procedure before the argument and shorten procedure and time of disputing the processing.
New 《regulation 》 most arresting of is significant raised industrial injury insurance of treatment, a time of industrial injury subsidy of standard adjust for 20 times that of last the Year 1 is national town the all controllable income of residents person, a time of wounded and disabled subsidy increases 1-3 months officers and workers, wages according to the wounded and disabled Class.

From from January 1

According to know, from from January 1, 2011, Shanghai will implement new 《industrial injury insurance regulation 》 of announcement in State Department, this is the kit laws that the square one revises after 《social insurance method 》 promulgation.The regulation adjusts to extend industrial injury insurance to apply scope and industrial injury to affirm scope, simplify industrial injury to affirm procedure and raise industrial injury treatment level, strengthen three to protect compulsive sex etc. carried on to revise with perfect, from six Huis and the large officers and workerses with use work unit.
New 《regulation 》 extended industrial injury insurance to apply scope and adjusted to extend industrial injury to affirm scope and stipulated the top and bottom class the industrial injury of the on the way affirms that the scope extends to°from the original automobile trouble injury traffic accident and city track circuit, passenger transportation ferry and railway accident injury of automobile, non- automobile.

Social group and people to do business enterprise unit not

(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Medium new net Shanghai on December 29 give or get an electric shock(Xu Jing) human resource in Shanghai City and society to guarantee a bureau be here releasing news to say on the 29th, up to 11 the end of the months, 2010s, Shanghai takes part in the industrial injury insurance officers and workers, number to reach to 9,550,000, the total amount industrial injury affirms a number 261,900, enjoy the industrial injury insurance treatment total amount 16.07, currently person all the treatment level is 30,000 dollars.
Person in Shanghai City protected a bureau to say, from 2004 《industrial injury insurance regulation 》 promulgation implementation, Shanghai City drew up a related kit policy, industrial injury insurance three protected scope to cover business enterprise, business unit, national organization, social group and people to do business enterprise unit not, have the individual industry and business that hires work the door and its employee.The "five insurance unite as one" social insurance system in Shanghai develops good, the industrial injury insurance overlay scope the whole country is the most wide.

The reporter learns of ° from transportation hall in Hebei

The reporter learns of ° from transportation hall in Hebei, new superhighway in the city is two is "six horizontal" in the "five Zongs six seven horizontal lines" superhighway net in Hebei of the importances constitute part, is the important Nius that communicate China and north Jiang, conjunction western interior region and eastern coast to take.The route since come to county flashing at the bosom of Zhang Jia Kou town, come to county, Zhuo deer through the bosom county, descend garden area and declare to turn county 4 counties(area), and piece(Zhang Jia Kou) the stone(Chuang in the stone house) superhighway mutually hands over.
According to the introduction, the item starts work from June, 2009, the total amount completes to invest 4,800,000,000 dollars and all grows 71 kilometers, the whole line adoption double to six driveway superhighway the standard constuct.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let large farmer sharing the town turn to develop an achievement

The Wei lately means that next year will actively steady push forward town to turn.Draw up to carry out good town system a programming, reasonable assurance town layout, promote greatly medium small city and small town function repair to harmoniously adjust a development with each other.Aggressive infrastructure kimono in the push city work function to village region extension, let large farmer sharing the town turn to develop an achievement.
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Win a new net to give or get an electric shock(Gu Jing Feng) international financial graduate school in Chinese bank to predict in a research paper on the 29th on December 29, Chinese central bank will add an interest by the strategy of "is small the step runs quickly" type at future a period of time, in go the international financial graduate school releases today the report said, 2011 the middle of the year, the country will 3 times above add an interest.

Since the childhood

Chinese village person all the housing area increase to 32.4 even rices in 2008 from 8.1 even rices in 1978 and also increased 400% many.China real estate industry from don,t have, since the childhood, become the important power that the development arouses economic high-speed Chinese growth.
But, nearer in the last years Chinese housing and real estate also produced some problems that are worth height is valuing while quickly developing.Embody a concentrated reflection in the building price to lead Gao, and once soared quickly.The Wei lately points out that will continue to constantly strengthen a real estate market to adjust to control next year.Enhance each item to adjust the performance of controling the measure further.Suppress building price over soar quickly.More on a large scale push forward the guarantee housing project construction.

2008 the middle of the year country town residents housing area the person all and already arrive 28

The Wei lately points out that the Chinese housing city country constucts system basic carried out the target task of "15" programmings assurance.The town turns to quickly push forward, the town turns the level as 46.59% in 2009, than"15" expected an end to raise 3.6 percentage points.At the end of 2009, person in the city all the residence construct area about 30 square meters, the village person lives building area 33.6 square meters and compares to raise 15% and 13% in 2005 respectively."15" periods total amount completion north current live building to be provided for heat to calculate and economize on energy to reform 167,000,000 square meters.Anticipate this year a national city life garbage processing rate and town wastewater treatment the rate attain 72.5% and 75% respectively.
The reform opens more than 30 in the last yearses, Chinese city country condition and living environment of living of residents took place the whole world upside down variety.Chinese town residents person all the housing area is from person in the city of 1978 all the residence area is 6.7 even rices, 2008 the middle of the year country town residents housing area the person all and already arrive 28.3 square meters and increased 400% many.The housing quality, housing becomes a set rate, kit facilities and environment greatly for present new look.

Sell a personnel to mean"must wait until after"limit buy to make" lift the ban

Sell building place in Yungkang sky and view park, sell a personnel and also mean "2 sets combine a set of" design of big door type house because of can not get a certificate and no longer sell.As for when can sell, sell a personnel to mean"must wait until after"limit buy to make" lift the ban."
Yungkang City constucts a bureau pair bureau chief Zhang Han Ping then think, "currently come to explain in detail to forbid problem to return have no from start to talk about."
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Medium new agency Peking give or get an electric shock(reporter Ruan Yu Lin) Chinese housing and the city country construction department minister Wei to lately hold in Peking on the 29th on December 29 of national the housing city country construction working conference up mean, up to the end of 2009, city person of China all the residence building area is about 30 square meters, the village person lives building area 33.6 square meters.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Two old men meet

Lead long line in the Times under, yesterday 3:30 p.m., two never hesitated to do what is right old man is hands hold at together.
Two old men meet
Uncle:Do a good turn of should have a guarantee
Brother-in-law Zhu:Too late think personal peace or chaos
Was led long line by Times yesterday, uncle and brother-in-law Zhu who once dived into the 82-year-old advanced age that the lotus flower pond saved a person agreed on to see one side each other.At around 3:30 p.m., the reporter accompanies brother-in-law Zhu to step into uncle is family.The arrival that sees brother-in-law Zhu, uncle hurriedly comes forward, two old men tightly come to embrace each other.
"I appeal whole societieses, to never hesitated to do what is right this kind of behavior can start to build up a good guarantee, because is never hesitated to do what is right, finally cause disable and sick even pay an example of life many, but the society doesn,t well give them the thing that should have."Uncle says to brother-in-law Zhu.

Strangely fits of BE

Have no labor insurance to still save a person not easy
□The Times reporter is Jiang Da Dun Wei is text|shoot
"They knew my affair and felt very proud.But they worry very again, because I have no labor insurance, in case of want hospital, have to spend much money."Yesterday, jumped up to jump into icy cold and nipping river water, started to save the leaf aunt falling into water of 72-year-old brother-in-law Mao were candid in saying that the family know to the reporter he/she is after being never hesitated to do what is right, since affirmation worries again.Strangely fits of BE, on July 19 this year at West Lake a lotus flower pond in the park start to save 57 years old fall into water what the aunt is uncle know this after the event, put forward and see side with brother-in-law Zhu.

We weigh to return to river lake ages

Suppose we don,t obey these ruleses and see a doctor with sign water and open "criticizing the Dou will" to replace to review a case and is revenged by lynch, mean that the civilization degree deteriorates to the barbarism.The rule of law doesn,t cure to lie in law to really sign at the person.Law should be widespreadly be applicable to a social member of take constrained rule.If modern citizen all with"chivalrous man" from reside, cast aside judicial organ"Cheng the bad Yang is kind", we weigh to return to river lake ages.[Is detailed](new China net)
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Zhi Peng)
《The aunt falls into water 100 people to round unmanned of view to save 70 years old the brother-in-law dive into icy cold river water to save a person 》 follow-up
Two never hesitated to do what is right old man"the victory joins forces for battle" uncle fierce Kua brother-in-law Zhu

The petty thief is body disequalibrium falls dead on the spot

Extend reading:
Similar affairs:The Luo sun a small group chases petty thief to fall dead to get suspended sentence to lead controversy on the spot to it
Seeing a petty thief to ride the colleague is help car has to run, Luo sun small Cao the sky(use alias) hurriedly make track for.Chase process in, he orders petty thief is parking don,t fruit, draw out last Lun of the leather belt dynasty petty thief is body on body to go.As a result, the petty thief is body disequalibrium falls dead on the spot.On reviewing a judge to think, the Cao sky makes a mistake to person is death, penalize its imprisonment for a specific term for 3 years, the suspended sentence is 3 years.[Is detailed](Chinese net)
Commentary:It is a civilization to be expanded "justice" by lynch toward the barbarism of deteriorate

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Or adopt higher technique

The industry insider reminds that website is best logarithms according to works well a backup, and order to the importance station, do a periodical safety examination, or adopt higher technique, decrease loophole, exaltation invade a difficulty.
Backstage benefits
"Invade an examination" has already become a kind of profession
"Leap ah leap" says that"invade an examination" has already become a profession now, a lot of websites will employ an occupation black guest and periodically check a server safety, domestic the still capable black guest and manager in the website provide the professional website of this agent service.
Industry insider means that"invade an examination" had very early, there was the station to need to order the system that will look for person to invade oneself, seeing the finished system had already still had what safe loophole, or do a stress test.Look for the black guest is way to then have a lot, for example pass a network agent, be like on-line shopping similar completion bargain.


Lawyer:May be punished by administration
Lawyer Xing connects super mean, the circumstance arriving currently from understand sees, the behavior of"leap ah leap" isn,t illegal, but still does constitute a crime, because his motive is good faith, and have never resulted in to damage result.
If the website being invaded finds out who was responsible, "leap ah leap" needs to compensate gift apology;If the affair is serious, for example resulted in to injure result, "leap ah leap" might also be subjected to an administration punishment and for example warn, fined money, imprison etc..
Expert:Raise a black guest to invade a difficulty
Calculator technique industry insider tells a reporter, the website is invaded behind by the black guest even if can visit as usual, the danger still keeps existing:Because can invade to explain that there is loophole in the website, "can not promise each black guests just good intentions reminds and didn,t break for you this time, you can ignore, can not necessarily not break next time."

The black guest invaded still to meet for the first time

"Not dare Be getting blacker again, seek mine", "leap ah leap" says oneself still just the student of the school is worried that the website that be invaded pursues, oneself graduates and is subjected to influence, the tutor will also be embroiled."I just invaded black page of later dozen, although didn,t violate penal code,wanted to pursue my civil case responsibility.""Leap ah leap" says.
Everyone is parlance
If the result severity may be imprisonned
School authority:The plan replaces system quickly
The reporter contacts up Normal University graduate student hospital in Sichuan, the other party means to still don,t know to be invaded, the website of the hospital is the company creation and maintenance that invites outside of school of, general just seeks company solution while discovering a problem and once discovers virus invading just before, the black guest invaded still to meet for the first time, after this affairs after, they intended to replace system quickly, and strengthened a complete examination.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Walk with a cane and stand on waiting in the doorway of small area

Wander about his identity of foundling have been"black"
Last month because make a living, Zhang Feng opens Mazda in order to avoid to let a motor car, left leg bone fracture.In connecting the reporter is road, though the weather is cold, Zhang Feng Zhi can be dressed in a knitting wool trousers, walk with a cane and stand on waiting in the doorway of small area.At he narrow and small of for-rent building in, Zhang Feng Ban lies on the bed, flowed tears to speak of his pass by.
Zhang Feng said that he one birth was deserted by the parents, empress drive good heart the person discovers to send to orphanage, had been living till about 10 years old, once played in the wayside, drive a man to ate well to drink to bring back a house to keep and raise temptation so much, arrived a Nanking by bus ."I still remember now is in station in the China door, the person was many at that time, that person also not too acquaints with a situation on road, result once the person hurtle, 2 people spread, can not find any further."Zhang Feng says that drift about in the Nanking, he can depend to pick up garbage and beg in order to living, finally the cook arrives 15 years old, grew a point head, the starting does for person to live on the workplace and mixs an one mouthful to eat for rice.

The food and clothing wants to do 1 to protect low to keep body and soul together without the whereabouts

This photograph soon aroused a net friend hot argument.A part of net friends said that this is local public security official is section"is reasonable to make use of a resources", "public order station at the person flow an intensive market outside, not open a store very pitiful."
Certainly, greatly parts of net friends still many a carry on critique to this, "public security official is section depend to sell fast food to behave what people serve?Absolutely is play suddenly a job to guard!"(Jade in the Wu Wei, pass house)(source:Newspaper in Guangzhou)
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Zhi Peng)
Zhang Feng the hard way runs about on the road of connecting the reporter.
Zhang Feng tells life experience.The plum sets up to shoot clearly
This year 41-year-old Zhang Feng, Wu lake in ancestral home Anhui, because the life experience of turns and twists is about 10 years old to drift about a Nanking, have still kept being a black door up to now.Make public sour BE, he ten many times seek a work, because of having no ID card to have no unit to dare to employ;Twice talk girl friend, already to talk the marriage theory marries and prove because of having no household register again difficult get a certificate but is abandonned by bride is side;At present, he gets hurt because of the traffic accident, the food and clothing wants to do 1 to protect low to keep body and soul together without the whereabouts, also because of the problem card of identity hull.Yesterday, the reporter arrived at Qin Huai Qu, Weng Jia Ying, to find out Zhang Feng, he told a reporter, the biggest wishes for oneself was to hope to as early as possible solve "black door" identity.

"raffish" public order station still not only 1

Xu Jun Yang Yan
(Responsibility editor:Item 劼 )
The Wu state public order station sells to have fast food.
This report reported recently, Long Qiao is police substation big public order Tang is station in Pu farmland City in Fukien was used a mold to replace the news that the true person stands guard especially and had never thought this year, "raffish" public order station still not only 1.Wu state a public order station in Guangxi net friend explodes to anticipate to call recently, because"the business is desolate" unexpectedly and publicly sell to have fast food.
Net friend"I only have god knows" said on hair of easy forum in the net, Guangxi was surprised now most the cow"the diligence amasses a fortune" public order station, Be protecting a public order and selling fast food.A side that sees this public order station sticks "two wide market public orders are allied to defend a Jing duty of room" and"the public order is allied to defend a big brigade" certain context;Another side but make only superficial change, stick the placard of having"the fast food outside sells", "economic fast food", the Jing works the glass of room up even stick to have each kind of price of fast food.Through the glass, the reporter ambiguously can also see hang of Siu laap.This public order station is outside used for having a meal of table the chair is also every kind is supplied here.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Be advantageous to an economic development

(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
New China net section Lun ascent gives or gets an electric shock(reporter is car is loud and clear) the officials of the World Bank to say on the 17th on December 18, Sri Lanka has already got away from the least flourishing national identity and follow medium wait income national row or column, and will correspond ground to possess to acquire the qualifications of loan from the International Bank for Rconstruction and Development.
Just the World Bank pair for visiting in Sri Lanka goes long boon Ge together ·the Ao bore Joe-Yi is tile pull to meet Si on the 17th president Ma Xin to reach ·pull Gu Pa gram Sa say, current situation in Sri Lanka stability, be advantageous to an economic development.The World Bank will continue to provide support to the Si and make stronger it at in etc. income to is national a medium power head of ascension.

Because Democratic Party is subjected to stroke in this year is middle election in the congress

American president Obama and Russian president is plum virtuous Wei hero is man signed in the Czech capital city Prague in April, this year new 《reduction and restriction take the offensive sex strategic arms treaty 》 to act for the old treaty of having lost efficacy last year.The new treaty stipulates that the nuclear warhead amount that both parties will chase respectively cuts down to 1550, ratio ex- upper limit of one treaty reduces about 30%.
Because Democratic Party is subjected to stroke in this year is middle election in the congress, if drag along till next year, the passing of treaty will become more difficult, therefore Obama is government and Democratic Party are pushing with all strength Upper House to grant this treaty by the end of this year.
Obama is government and Democratic Party think that procrastinating the passing of treaty will chase American national security as for risk in.But oppose Republican party of this treaty to think, the treaty will influence the anti- guided missile of the United States defendoofs a plan, they still check the variety of mechanism to mean a misgiving to nuclear weapon machine pit in the new treaty.

Because of its scope of creation influence far far above our own nation

The inside is virtuous to say on the debate that Upper House holds for the treaty:"We have already done in the congress this year some very, count for much affair, but now didn,t than 《 reduction and restriction take the offensive sex strategic arms treaty 》more important affair, because of its scope of creation influence far far above our own nation."
The inside is virtuous to say, some parliamentarians ask for using 6 days to arrive 7 carry on arguing to the treaties, is also say to argue probably keep on till the 21th, though Christmas close by, he has already allowed this request as well.
American Democratic Party senator, diplomacy committee chairman John of Upper House ·say in gram, the Republican person who opposes this pit disarmament treaty currently didn,t put forward any modification opinion, his blaming Republican party was intentionally procrastinating time.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Move company

Review the argument point is from the construction bureau provided for heat to do, the building take care of, the city set up to inspect a big brigade to enhance to provide hot, small area thing hygiene in the industry, city manage service;The health system strengthens a medical ethics to cure breeze construction and manages a medicine to buy to sell to serve with medical treatment medium of unhealthy tendency;Educate system to strengthen virtuous teacher breeze of teacher construction and manage to educate a disorderly charge;Industry and business bank, agriculture bank, telecommunication company, move company, allied the company is in the aspects of serving good enough, transparent policy, handling affairs fast, solving usually sex lieutenant is brigade, the amount of window ways shortage, the window way staff member is face being difficult to see, words unpleasant to hear etc. measure effect whether exists the outstanding problem of injuring crowd is benefits.

Elaborate to fill responsibility

Measure the grade point as satisfied and basic satisfaction and be dissatisfied with three optionses, measure to review a contents to mainly is divided into six main categories, involve to hard implement a job, completion county Wei and the county people government work target responsibility system circumstance;Solve the outstanding problem circumstance of injuring crowd is benefits;Governmental affairs public circumstance etc..
Among them, solution injures the outstanding problem circumstance of crowd is benefits to review an argument contents very in detail, include work discipline flabby, service attitude isn,t smooth, the problem of "the door is difficult into, the face Be difficult to see, unpleasant to hear words, the matter is difficult to do";Elaborate to fill responsibility, evasiveness to pull a skin, problem with lowly efficiency;Handling affairs is unjust, the problem of camera bellows operation;Enforce the law behavior the problem of norm is not;Administration is not, go it blind for etc. a problem.

On December 16

Second heart net Xun(reporter is horse is always even) which governments the section work efficiency is the tallest, service attitude good, which sections handle affairs to elaborate to fill a responsibility, recent, the strange set county adopts the method that practices a government to popular breeze democracy to measure to review online for the very first time and carries on on-line satisfaction to measure to review to 10 sections and the public service professions, is welcomed by crowd, about 13 myriad people participate in a vote.
On December 16, the reporter opens strange set county government thou city in the website-the Silk Road, the place of honor places and then can see a column of red form of written in the page-particularly review argument section and government to popular breeze satisfaction network to measure to review and click and then got in to measure to review a page.Measure to review a page to contain 5 sections, respectively is constuct a bureau to be provided for heat to do, construction bureau the building take care of, construction city in the bureau set up to inspect big brigade, health system and education system.5 service professions are industry and business banks, agriculture bank, telecommunication company, move company respectively and allied company.