Thursday, January 13, 2011

From from January 1

According to know, from from January 1, 2011, Shanghai will implement new 《industrial injury insurance regulation 》 of announcement in State Department, this is the kit laws that the square one revises after 《social insurance method 》 promulgation.The regulation adjusts to extend industrial injury insurance to apply scope and industrial injury to affirm scope, simplify industrial injury to affirm procedure and raise industrial injury treatment level, strengthen three to protect compulsive sex etc. carried on to revise with perfect, from six Huis and the large officers and workerses with use work unit.
New 《regulation 》 extended industrial injury insurance to apply scope and adjusted to extend industrial injury to affirm scope and stipulated the top and bottom class the industrial injury of the on the way affirms that the scope extends to°from the original automobile trouble injury traffic accident and city track circuit, passenger transportation ferry and railway accident injury of automobile, non- automobile.

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