Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Acne scar namely fades away of beauty sharing text

(Responsibility editor:Week path 偲 )
Win a new net to give chanel handbags or get an electric shock to report according to 《Apple Daily 》 in Taiwan on January 21, the medium report beauty blogger(blog) Lin Ha Ni on the 20th, the net sticks to wipe the Parisian Lai friendship fair frost, four days of company, acne scar namely fades away of beauty sharing text, but be grasped by the net friend to wrap all of the photographs that four days take effect is take with sky to be suspected of cooking up.
Lin Ha Ni after connecting to stick in the unknown blog yesterday two apology texts immediately closed a version to"precipitate", the hope net friend gave her an opportunity and"again paided the most deep apology to the negligence that delivered a text";Bureau public health in Taipei City namely registered for the record a survey yesterday, will around talk that the company of Lin Ha Ni and sale explains.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

That the industrial injury prevent°from into the rules that the fund pays and used industrial injury officers and workers

New 《regulation 》 definitely brings the expenseses, such as publicity and training...etc. that the industrial injury prevent°from into the rules that the fund pays and used industrial injury officers and workers,"hospitalization meals allowance" that person is unit paid and"orchestration region outside cure of transportation board and lodging fee" and"terminated or relieved a time of medical subsidy for relating to labor" to change at first fund to unify to pay from the industrial injury insurance.The norm unified the industrial injury officers and workers, treatment standard, eased three burden of using person is unit of protectings at the same time and raised the aggressive that the business enterprise takes part in industrial injury insurance.
Person in Shanghai City protects a bureau to emphasize, three protect industrial injury insurance, is use a person unit dispersion risk of a kind of method, understand laws and take part in industrial injury insurance beneficial hence the legality used person is unit and industrial injury officers and workers maintains the rights.

A time of wounded and disabled subsidy increases 1-3 months officers and workers

New 《regulation 》 simplified industrial injury to affirm procedure and knew to the fact, the right obligation is explicit of the industrial injury affirm an application, should on the 15th inside make decision that industrial injury affirms.New 《regulation 》 canceled industrial injury to affirm to dispute medium administration to reply to place procedure before the argument and shorten procedure and time of disputing the processing.
New 《regulation 》 most arresting of is significant raised industrial injury insurance of treatment, a time of industrial injury subsidy of standard adjust for 20 times that of last the Year 1 is national town the all controllable income of residents person, a time of wounded and disabled subsidy increases 1-3 months officers and workers, wages according to the wounded and disabled Class.

From from January 1

According to know, from from January 1, 2011, Shanghai will implement new 《industrial injury insurance regulation 》 of announcement in State Department, this is the kit laws that the square one revises after 《social insurance method 》 promulgation.The regulation adjusts to extend industrial injury insurance to apply scope and industrial injury to affirm scope, simplify industrial injury to affirm procedure and raise industrial injury treatment level, strengthen three to protect compulsive sex etc. carried on to revise with perfect, from six Huis and the large officers and workerses with use work unit.
New 《regulation 》 extended industrial injury insurance to apply scope and adjusted to extend industrial injury to affirm scope and stipulated the top and bottom class the industrial injury of the on the way affirms that the scope extends to°from the original automobile trouble injury traffic accident and city track circuit, passenger transportation ferry and railway accident injury of automobile, non- automobile.

Social group and people to do business enterprise unit not

(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Medium new net Shanghai on December 29 give or get an electric shock(Xu Jing) human resource in Shanghai City and society to guarantee a bureau be here releasing news to say on the 29th, up to 11 the end of the months, 2010s, Shanghai takes part in the industrial injury insurance officers and workers, number to reach to 9,550,000, the total amount industrial injury affirms a number 261,900, enjoy the industrial injury insurance treatment total amount 16.07, currently person all the treatment level is 30,000 dollars.
Person in Shanghai City protected a bureau to say, from 2004 《industrial injury insurance regulation 》 promulgation implementation, Shanghai City drew up a related kit policy, industrial injury insurance three protected scope to cover business enterprise, business unit, national organization, social group and people to do business enterprise unit not, have the individual industry and business that hires work the door and its employee.The "five insurance unite as one" social insurance system in Shanghai develops good, the industrial injury insurance overlay scope the whole country is the most wide.

The reporter learns of ° from transportation hall in Hebei

The reporter learns of ° from transportation hall in Hebei, new superhighway in the city is two is "six horizontal" in the "five Zongs six seven horizontal lines" superhighway net in Hebei of the importances constitute part, is the important Nius that communicate China and north Jiang, conjunction western interior region and eastern coast to take.The route since come to county flashing at the bosom of Zhang Jia Kou town, come to county, Zhuo deer through the bosom county, descend garden area and declare to turn county 4 counties(area), and piece(Zhang Jia Kou) the stone(Chuang in the stone house) superhighway mutually hands over.
According to the introduction, the item starts work from June, 2009, the total amount completes to invest 4,800,000,000 dollars and all grows 71 kilometers, the whole line adoption double to six driveway superhighway the standard constuct.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let large farmer sharing the town turn to develop an achievement

The Wei lately means that next year will actively steady push forward town to turn.Draw up to carry out good town system a programming, reasonable assurance town layout, promote greatly medium small city and small town function repair to harmoniously adjust a development with each other.Aggressive infrastructure kimono in the push city work function to village region extension, let large farmer sharing the town turn to develop an achievement.
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Win a new net to give or get an electric shock(Gu Jing Feng) international financial graduate school in Chinese bank to predict in a research paper on the 29th on December 29, Chinese central bank will add an interest by the strategy of "is small the step runs quickly" type at future a period of time, in go the international financial graduate school releases today the report said, 2011 the middle of the year, the country will 3 times above add an interest.