Thursday, January 13, 2011

The reporter learns of ° from transportation hall in Hebei

The reporter learns of ° from transportation hall in Hebei, new superhighway in the city is two is "six horizontal" in the "five Zongs six seven horizontal lines" superhighway net in Hebei of the importances constitute part, is the important Nius that communicate China and north Jiang, conjunction western interior region and eastern coast to take.The route since come to county flashing at the bosom of Zhang Jia Kou town, come to county, Zhuo deer through the bosom county, descend garden area and declare to turn county 4 counties(area), and piece(Zhang Jia Kou) the stone(Chuang in the stone house) superhighway mutually hands over.
According to the introduction, the item starts work from June, 2009, the total amount completes to invest 4,800,000,000 dollars and all grows 71 kilometers, the whole line adoption double to six driveway superhighway the standard constuct.

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