Thursday, December 30, 2010

Because of a little bit early in Chinese New Year 2011

Winter vacation student ticket the start concentration carry out
In addition, railroad spring in Peking carries a student in 2011 ticket the concentration carry out a work formal start.According to know, carry in the spring of 2011, guest in Peking flows to continue and presents and increases a situation, because of a little bit early in Chinese New Year 2011, the spring carry advance, "the student flows" bumps and"call on relatives and flow", the spring carries pressure significant increment.Ex- Peking region in Chinese New Year leaves student is total amount in the city will more than 50 myriad people, railroad bureau in Peking is carrying out concentration to student to leave city ticket 400,000s is or so.
The spring of 2011 carries, railroad bureau in Peking will advance for each greatly medium particularly the college concentration carry out for 2011 is January 13 to January 26 from Peking region start a hard of student who deliver the railroad train ticket and move a car set railroad train second class ticket, and returning of 2011 February 15 to March 2 city ticket.Currently, Peking City is 106 greatly medium particularly the college spring carry a student ticket concentration is carrying out a work have already formally started.

00 on January 2 prepares to sell to expect to change to for 5 days at the same time

Jin city in the city is between preparing to sell to expect constantly
Introduce according to railroad bureau in Peking, this time adjustment Jin city in the city between preparing to sell to expect constant, the rest moves car set and Z word head railroad train and faces guest is railroad train to prepares to sell to expect to adjust for 10 days from 21 days and prepare to sell to start time as 9:00 A.M. in 10 days before driving.Concrete arrangement BE, start selling the ticket on January 6 at 9:00 on December 28, sell the ticket on January 7 at 9:00 on December 29, the rest can be deduced accordingly.
The ticket in that very day still pressed to prepare to sell to expect to sell at first before January 5(contain the 5th).Prepare to sell to expect to resume for 21 days on January 23.
The rest way train ticket prepares to sell to expect to adjust to°from 11 days for 5 days and prepares to sell time as 9:00 A.M. in 5 days before driving.December 26 to January 2, 20119 points of previous the ticket that sell before January 5, 2011(contain the 5th);The ticket that sells January 6 at 9:00 on January 2 prepares to sell to expect to change to for 5 days at the same time.Prepare to sell to expect to resume for 11 days on January 28.

Ma Tao )
Next year the this report Xun(reporter

■ The chain connects
On November 12, 48-year-old Chen Hua(use alias) goes to a glory military surgeon hospital in Peking to do facial facial plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery behind burst a people is internal bleeding, many salvages, invalid die;"Super female" Wang Bei, the 墺 orthopedics hospital carries on facial plastic surgery in Wuhan in, appear an accident, the life loses operating table on November 15.On November 26, this report exclusively reported Chen Hua is news in "facial plastic surgery dead" in the glory military surgeon hospital in Peking.Facial plastic surgery safe problem momentary the focus that become social concern.
(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
Next year the this report Xun(reporter, Liu Ze, is rather) spring carry since January 5, 2011 to February 1, 2011, the spring carries nearby, the ticket-purchasing number increase, and railroad bureau in Peking will prepare to sell to expect to carry on adjustment to the train ticket.In addition to in addition to railroad train, the city Jin city border moves car set and Z word head railroad train and faces guest is railroad train to prepare to sell to expect to adjust to°from 21 days for 10 days, the rest way train ticket prepares to sell to expect to adjust to°from 11 days for 5 days.

Bureau public health in Peking City specially reminds a large consumer

In the aspects of breaching the punishment of prescriptive cosmetic surgery orthopedics, hair feather introduction, currently, to the direct management of orthopedics beauty organization and check all of places is BE cooperated by the health section and the industry and business section to carry on, and according to break the law the importance of details, to illegal the organization give different processing.
Bureau public health in Peking City specially reminds a large consumer, must look into first while doing surgical operation to orthopedics beauty organization it has health section and industry and business section distribute of the diagnosis and treatment item of permit and norm.Develop the illegal behavior of medical beauty to all generally relatively hide in the living beauty organization moreover, the large citizen can stir to call"12320" to complain to report.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Explain the value that spreads an outlet to the dissimilarity of the central leadership layer

Chin Hua university the news and college of dissemination often work a pair director Yin Hong mean while accepting The Xinhua news agency interview, Chinese territory is broad, region and the gap between rich and poor are more big, the Internet universality leads only 30% or so, some places even it is can hardly for newspaper to also send to, the radio station broadcasting has special meaning.
"Especially, it developed the function that can not act for in the secluded region and a series of sudden affairs."He says.
Yin Hong thinks that this time choice broadcasting of premier Wen Jia Bao is the outlet that interacts exchanges with the masses of the people, explain the value that spreads an outlet to the dissimilarity of the central leadership layer, and notice to be subjected to many difference, passing the broadcasting can be with the direct exchanges of the masses of the people of more secluded and economic condition harder region.

This kind of communicates to also usually carry on

Wen Jia Bao says that as a leader, the in the mind should be each each time engrave to miss crowd, this kind of communicates to also usually carry on."I must attain to spare no effort, no release until death."He speaks about next year more the Jian is huge, more complicated task and construction said while modernizing a national target.
Peony river City is cellular phone in Heilongjiang province 137 tails 2587 audience messages say, I have been aming containing heat tears to listen to just of program of, is a 1,300,000,000 people is big premier Guo to record each detail that the people exist in the mind, is let we how of touched.
Up to 2009, there is totally 251 radio station in China, among them, the wireless overlay population of central people is radio station the first program reaches to 1,100,000,000 people, now then by the end of every year, 20"the broadcasting television village village"s that above switch on electricity natural village in the whole country may carry out completely.

Building price and how make the people live more happy

Wen Jia Bao to He Xin is toward saying:"Your home lost 9 people person and painfully sad very much, but you still miss everyone and think whole villageses and lead an everyone after-calamity reconstruction, I say to you with gratitude and esteem."
He Xin dynasty form disaster in the village the crowd put forward to the premier, everyone feels the progress of after-calamity reconstruction seem slow 1:00, the in the mind noodles contains some dismay.
Wen Jia Bao said that I consider the disaster crowd of boat song is still very difficult, we should continue to enlarge to help to hand strength and make them able to lead for a warm winter.
Communicate in the electric wave interaction in more than a hour in, Wen Jia Bao still answered other some region audiences in the whole country and net friend concerning commodity price, building price and how make the people live more happy, more questions like dignity,etc.

Stone light Wu Yi Jia still re- opens to have a peddler store

46-year-old villager is stone only the force and all of wives were disable and sick persons, once called on by premier Wen Jia Bao."The voice that hears a premier today, feel he and then arrived at our nearby."Stone light the force say to the reporter of The Xinhua news agency.Stone light Wu Yi Jia has already moved into the new residence of 150 square meters, oneself 40,000 dollars, the rest comes from a governmental subsidy.Stone light Wu Yi Jia still re- opens to have a peddler store.
Wen Jia Bao returns with boat song especially the month circle of the big swollen mountain stream mudslide disaster area village village Wei will director is He Xin Chao is confabulation get up, the boat song county city installed Gao Yin trumpet to all crowd live.
Wen Jia Bao is clear to "live in winter" that the boat song instauration reconstruction in the disaster area faces"price hike""rent lead Gao" etc. mainly actual difficulty, and enumerate a related data to take into to explain in detail.

The air temperature of the green Chuan county Zao tree village declined to less than zero Celsius degrees

"I hear common people all have housing, very happy.The ground of that place is neat like, can grow some vegetableses as well as grow some foods, basically eat of can solve."Wen Jia Bao becomes to say to all the king.
On that morning, the air temperature of the green Chuan county Zao tree village declined to less than zero Celsius degrees, in villager, Li Yu Ming, is courtyard, more than 20 villagers after smelling the Xun round to sit on the brazier a side and start to listen to a radio.
While hearing a king all become to start with premier Wen having a conversation, someone excitedly claps to have a palm, but is called by other villagers right away, "small voice point, the small voice order."Hence, everyone covers up a head and putses by the side of the brazier, holds back breath to concentrate and cautiously starts to listen to the dialogue of premier Wen and the green Chuan person.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Produce some corrupt big cases and want a case

End, carrying out 4% targets has to eradicate completely to educate stiring up of realm corruption.The examination and approval of a great deal of budget, item is probably a department concerned and personnel to provide to look for to rent space, creation go bad of soil.《Programing outline 》 is China to educate to develop history up have the outline of milestone type document, but education involve thousand ten thousand, is social concern of a little bit hot, if carry out process in the important item in, produce some corrupt big cases and want a case, then will to the creation negative effect of performance and target completion of 《program outline 》 .
The article points out that implementation good 《programming outline 》 puts forward of carry out 4% targets till 2012, the reform and development of practical push higher education, the work that need to be done is a lot of at present.Among them a count for much task BE, have to quickly according to the request of《programming outline 》 , establishment all levels student person in each kind of high school all budget basic standard and student person all the public finance allocate funds basic standard, and gradually reduce each kind of education examination and approval item.

Carrying out 4% targets should be advantageous to promoting an education reform and overcome administration to turn tendency

Again, carrying out 4% targets should be advantageous to promoting an education reform and overcome administration to turn tendency.Management and use of education budget have into important influence of pass to the educational reform and the development.In the higher education realm, many in the last years education administration supervisor the section title are of a great variety of various particularly establishing of item budget and examine and approve, continuously enhanced an item type the appropriation assign a medium position in the education budget and thus and continuously enhance the administration intervention of the government to the university and weaken a doing of high school to learn independent power, this is the important reason and embodiment that causes administration in the high school turn.We can comprehend that the former education administration section fights for funds devotion by item, it promotes real intentions of educating the development, but after 4% target realizations, then should improve a resources allotment method, promote the reform and development of higher education, not continue to maintain even enhance to take have already shown an examination and approval appropriation method of the signing of Zhao planned economy characteristic.

How last long the request that a ground of guarantee 《programming outline 》 has GDP proportion to the public finance education budget

First, carry out 4% targets to need a long-last guarantee mechanism.During the period of 2010-2012 years, 《programming outline 》 mainly with the organization carry out ten important items for mainly grasp a hand, carry out to attain 4% targets.Should say these important item indeed for strengthen to educate key realm and weak link to have a necessity, but, these important item mostly is short date construction contents, but till 2012 these item be over after, how last long the request that a ground of guarantee 《programming outline 》 has GDP proportion to the public finance education budget, and keep steady to increase, currently still lack long effect mechanism.
Secondly, carrying out 4% targets should promote to educate a balanced development more.The our country educates between different region, of the city country and of different schools in same region all exist a bigger margin.With the high school living all an education fee inside the budget for example, 2008, the tallest Peking City is 24380.40 dollars, while lowest Hubei save to 3713.46 dollars, both differ reach to 6.600%.《Programming outline 》 plans this time of important engineering and reform experimental unit designed a specialized contents towards promoting to educate balanced developing all.But the contents in the important engineering mostly be not universal type education item, but more is a "add flowers to brocade" contents, for promote to educate a balanced development function limited.

How assign a good use to add budget so much and especially hold tight this chance to push forward and deepen system reform

The article says that educating the devotion problem is long-term check and supervision our country educate to develop of one of the most important factors is also the problem that the educational circles takes to heart.《The long-term education reform and the development in the nation programs outline(2010-2020 years) (call 《programming outline 》 as follows)》 puts forward a realization to educate public finance till 2012 the expenditure have GDP 4% targets(call 4% targets as follows) and expressed the firm decision that party and government push an education reform and development, will definitely to our country education of development creation profound influence.But, along with the significant increment of the education budget, how assign a good use to add budget so much and especially hold tight this chance to push forward and deepen system reform, push higher education of healthy development, worth deep concern with earnest thinking.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Want with raise additional value level for breakthrough

In Li Yi:"25" periods, the core task of industrial development is a transformation to get stripe, put forth effort a point to lie in the larger effort raise the quality and efficiency, to build up of growth to keep on the ability of development.Want with raise additional value level for breakthrough, push industry development to extend from the amount type to change to the quality efficiency type.We work hard for above industry of scale to increase to be worth a year to all increase 10% or so.
Author:Clearly(source:Chinese broadcasting network)
(Responsibility editor:Huang Shan)
Is medium the new net give or get an electric shock to report according to the in Hong Kong agency on December 26, on the 25th Christmas, Hong Kong welcomes Christmas long leave to expect to exit from country high peak.Totally have 14.5 lake passeses to get into hinterland from Luo till 5:00 p.m. on the 25th.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The period opens the person of hometown Peng of daily necessity retail sales to living for autumn here and by chance discovered him

Don,t fear to street to be mendicant
The Shi wants a girl friend to the parlance
Tan Hua after coming here concerns his food and drink and anxiety, he is frozen of the good heart person is a lot of.Someone embraces to old waste cotton, someone anticipates bottle the bottled hot water to him warm, someone pick up to break a sponge to let his mat sit ……he 11 times cuts off.The period opens the person of hometown Peng of daily necessity retail sales to living for autumn here and by chance discovered him."I invite him to come home with wife in have a meal, drag along to also drag along not to walk."The Peng autumn livinged to speak yesterday, he with wife as a person of hometown the bitter in taste old woman heart advised:"The business of feelings cans not remember clearly Chu, the woman walks to also seek again."Do not take effect a fruit.

"Before and behind

After Jing Jing leaves, he makes a phone call to apologize.Period, he also arrives at the house of Jing Jing and continues to apologize and pull domestic life, count a diva to leave."Before and behind, she says to forgive me, would like to live together with me.She suddenly didn,t with me speak to play, and then returned to old house."He says that after he fought with Jing Jing, he goes back and forth Chongqing, Guangzhou and Hunan by airplane, light ticket money spends and is close to 100,000 dollars.
He adds to say and ever since that time knows Jing Jing to arrive to come to always new town this time, he opened of the factory of 1,000,000 dollars of the property, also continuously drive"hurt light", the family come to Chongqing to seek Jing Jing to oppose very much to him.
"I don,t want her to return money, more don,t miss she follow me, hopes that she gives a parlance."When he spoke this words, several times emphasize that he doesn,t want to talk money.

He fights with Jing Jing after getting drunk the wine

The day before yesterday, the neighbor of the house of Jing Jing saw this act:The Jing Jing is taken a sedan to see him.She didn,t speak a few words with Tan Hua, but the neighbor clearly heard Tan Hua an end that very loudly:"Your conscience was eaten by the dog."
Repeatedly fly Chongqing to advise a girl friend
Claiming to be the patrimony already"hurt light"
Tan Hua intentionally the one who averts from to round a view, said detail with reporter in the street side door City.
Introduce according to him, 3 year agos, he heel Jing the Jing acquaint with at the party.The great occasion of nation stanza was the day that both parties agreed after negotiation to do a wedding banquet last year.But 7 the end of the months, last years of a day, he fights with Jing Jing after getting drunk the wine, he cans not remembers clearly to fight reason, knows Jing Jing an eye is beaten by him swollen.Count a diva, the Jing Jing returned to old house in Chongqing.

He scolds "the conscience was eaten by the dog"
Tan Hua is girl friend calls Jing Jing(use alias)

He scolds "the conscience was eaten by the dog"
Tan Hua is girl friend calls Jing Jing(use alias), 30 years old this year.Yesterday just when the region rushed through a field, the many people was all spreading:Tan Hua is only cheated 1,000,000 patrimonies by the girl friend, especially the idea seeks her to beg for parlance from Guangzhou.
The witness related Tan Hua to take place after the morning of the 12th came here toward the reporter of matter:
On the 1st day, Tan Hua or squat down or sit on the sidewalk, the double eye always stares at the window sill of the house of Jing Jing, don,t talk with anyone.On that night, someone sees him go to bed in the sidewalk, face still toward the window sill, ask words to can not get an answer.
On the 2nd day, Tan Hua early and early sat back to stare at a window sill at first again.The nearby residents are unbearable curious, you a talk my[one] ground to ask reason.Not much, Tan Hua Hua emphasizes "at wait Jing Jing parlance is to his".

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Please ask to want how much

didn,t disease thoroughly.Arrive at mercenary soldier association, arrive at stage, is a young and pretty young girl there, looking at an arrival of fame, sweet sweet on smiling, way:"What can doing not know help you?Would like to help for you."The segment praises to take out own sorcery identity and towards that beauty, way:"Build up mercenary soldier regiment, please ask to want how much ."This sorcery badge in fact isn,t what segment fame emperor is clan identity does, but the thunder Si specially changed name for him, the thunder Si knew that fame wants sorcery badge not and for showing.But is take the later certificate for going for oneself.So change for fame.This name calls yellow pure!"Do you build up mercenary soldier regiment?"If that beauty obviously doesn,t believe nfl jerseys segment fame, because the segment praises age just so young, build up mercenary soldier regiment to need five class real strenghts.She doesn,t believe that the segment praises small age be five class superior."You saw my identity card to know and asked now whether a little bit early."Also disappear fame to smile, toward a that girl very coldly, he wants appearance and certainly needs to seek a matter, let the person of mercenary soldier association remembered he or she better.The beauty Song shrugs shoulders, then slowly turns over to open a segment to praise that identity card, immediately:"!"A sharp voice that is good enough to wear a stone spreads, the persons in the association all the Wu live his/her own ear, don,t understand of looking at fame, think that fame humiliated that beauty.Way segment fame hurriedly clarifies, :"Being not my is wrong, just this young lady has a little worry, to, have a dessert matter."After all ascend thousand looking at such as the look in the eyes of wolf, is absolute being to also can not stand.Or the explanation is good all of a sudden.The words that hear segment fame, the beauty also towarded fame way a Authentic NFL Jerseys Qian, then way:"You give me 20 gold coins and then go, to you have a few members, the words that carry out now are free, if the after the event carries out to want money."Although this will talk to be calm very much,that is surprised still very obvious in the middle of the eye."Have no, you for me shout for a while, after all the beauty is a , greatly chase a person."The segment praises him ha ha on smiling, toward that beauty to say, took out 20 gold coins at the same time.The words that hear segment fame, beauty obvious face be a red, know oneself just that of power.Once connected a segment praise to of money.Then take out a sorcery tectonic plate, hand over to fame, way:"At top the

In write a medicine to lead son is what

in the heart:"Certainly have ghost!""Oh."The segment day goes lookinging at of surprise fame, way:"You are willing to go, where you don,t know, you go."The in the mind thinks:Before nfl jerseys segment fame with permit house but natural rivals, how would this help, didn,t understand very much in the heart.But he how can anyone know, and the trick of segment fame."The his majesty thinks thrice, the prince thinks thrice."If the underneath of big ministers, hear a segment go for day and hurriedly kneel down, way:"The prince is a country of future, if have in case of, who the person can be responsible for, please think thrice."The segment day goes wrinkly eyebrows, way:"Is also, can not make the prince go to, or issue imperial edict a book at this time, the world is much more capable to go, can not that nation in the future do a wager."Say to be about to start to write to write a book.In the segment fame heart a hasty, the so good thing how to render up other people and connect a track:"The emperor of the father trusts at this time, my ability don,t you still know, settle so.If you different idea, I secretly go out by myself, you can not grasp either I."The segment day goes a to think is also, let go of a pen in hand, way:"That hands over to you, this matter I no longer participate."The segment praises a to smile, way:"Thank father emperor."Permit good Yu to walk to come forward at this time, the box in the handle knob passes to praise for segment, way:"Prince Ye is ability I believe, now hand over to you to this treasure thing, also hope you and start on journey earlier, cure and permit the disease of the imperial concubine empress so much earlier.There is a letter in the box, in write a medicine to lead son is what.Arrive where seek, as long as according to up writing seek and then go."The segment praises ha ha on smiling, once connected box, way:"Is certain, promise to complete a task, there is no matter, I walked first and gave an account for a while, I start on journey."Finish saying ha ha on smiling, slowly came out a big palace, some rules doesn,t understand as well.The segment looking at to slowly walked out fame, permit a Yin of the flash across in the good Yu eyes malicious, who don,t also see.The segment fame returns to an east temple and really gave an account for a while, clean up own thing left, the Yan Hong makes him all ignore again tomorrow, directly and in brief packs and came out an imperial palace.Come out an imperial palace, segment praise have never been hasty to see box an inside of letter, the box still puts that ring on the hand now in of.Now that want to make appearance, certainly want mercenary soldier association, is making a point affair, that is more getting perfect more.Permit good Yu definitely believe that he left, the segment praised to really want to know to permit good Yu now why want to do like this, the surprised life time strange Pa takes out, but permits an imperial concubine to basically

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just feel seeming to be not that all right

fixing Luo to start to want to leave, the star evil spirit pulled him and said towards fixing Luo:"You sleep NHL Jerseys in this room tonight, and I sleep together."For star evil spirit claim like this, fix Luo obviously don,t work well preparation, he seems to be a bit silent and says:"We does 2 sleep together?""H,m, yes, what oddness do two persons whom each other likes sleep to together have?You would not like to?"The star evil spirit asks a way."Of course not BE, just feel seeming to be not that all right."Fix Luo to say."You aren,t to say, will have been guarding at my nearby?How so quick did you want to renege?"The star evil spirit pretends to get angry to say." I absolutely can,t renege of, I keep you company tonight, where don,t go as well."Fix Luo to quickly say.Hence he sat to return to a bed up, held close a star evil spirit, and star evil spirit also the small bird depend on a person ground the body that lean on to fix Luo up.On that evening, Gu the male is few female, together sleep a bed, two young men that like each other, finally, at a burst of naturally but again NBA Jerseys longlast the ground owned each other after hugging and kissing.Under the candlelight of You You, the star evil spirit stood, some ashamedly half Yan wear body, slowly walk to a table of front of, then she stretched out high finger and picked up the wine bottle on the table and slowly poured two cups, be when she walk to return to the in front of fixing Luo fixing Luo already drive at present of, be fond of as the beauty of fairy maiden got drunk, the ground of Chi Chi looking at a star evil spirit, then not from forbidden ground body tiny anteversion, kiss her lips."Let us drink this cup to hand over cup bar, after, I am your wife, you were my husband."The star evil spirit tinily lowers the head and very shily says."H,m.Good."Fix Luo to finish drinking this cup empress says to the star evil spirit, " I will love you forever and protect yours."The star evil spirit depended to fix to say in Luo is bosom:"H,m, I will have been loving you as well.Keep company with yours."On the second day, just when the sky is bright.Star evil spirit a person sits bedside side, looking at and lie on the bed of fix Luo, but at this time of she, already didn,t the happiness and smiling face a few hours NBA Jerseys ago, what to replace is the tear stain of full face, the tears a drop of a drop of ground falls and fixs the face of Luo up, but, fix Luo but ignorant."Let fix Luo down to, I didn,t have way realization to your promised, I could not selfishly enjoy happiness together, but leave with you my father and younger sister in neglect.And, if we walked so, you would also become very dangerous of, so, I want to walk and appreciated happiness that you am all day long for me, this day is since the childhood, I lead the most

This be really too like

you, can walk together with me?""What do you say?"The star evil spirit dares not believes his/her own ear."I say I like you, be me to know you after having to marry other people, my in the mind is really suffered, there is a kind of pain that drills heart, that behind, I know, in fact I have already fancied you, and just I don,t know as well by myself.So, I hope that you can leave here together and go to a place that nobody seeks and gets us with me."Fix Luo to say.Hear fix after the white of telling of Luo, the star evil spirit rushed toward to fix in Luo is bosom a while and said towards fixing Luo:"Okay, okay, I follow you and regardless go where I follow you."Then she flows descend happily tears."I will always at your nearby guard you and regardless take place what affair."Fix Luo to embrace a star evil spirit, firmly say.After two people heartily embrace each other, star evil spirit says that she wants to return to say this affair with father, although the father may oppose, , is after all own father, so important decision, she must say 1 with father.Fixing Luo didn,t also oppose.After returning to a star evil spirit a house, the star evil spirit says towards fixing Luo:"Fix Luo, your forerunner my room etc. I, I say conversation with my father."Approximately led to there is half for hour, at fix Luo uneasy with anxious look in the eyes in, the star evil spirit walked into room."How to say your father?Does he oppose?"Fix Luo to quickly ask a way."Was opposed in the beginning, however in the me and him thoroughly after company measured, he on the whole is agreed down."The star evil spirit smiles to say towards fixing Luo."BE?This be really Football Jerseys too like, that do we leave now?"Fix Luo to happily say."My father since promised, don,t need so hasty, the current time is it is yet early, we have a chat, then have a lunch, take a rest for a night, after keeping enough spirit, tomorrow again set out, good?"The star evil spirit says."H,m, how suddenly think of to chat?."Fix Luo to ask a way."We together had quick 2 yearses, but we are two to almost have no to once talk alone,do not you think to get along with with me alone for a while?"The star evil spirit says."H,m, since you say so, that I accompany you to have a chat."Fix Luo to say.Hence, the whole afternoon, two person all has already said to smile of, look back these two years of careerses.Night."I went to guest room and went to bed."Seeing the color of the sky already late, fix Luo to say.While

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All over is all muscle

unknown blacknessGod says to have light, the world was then bright, the just bright back still kept concealing dark and unknown one side, the Q City is a city of coast, the seaside in Q City, there are many warehouses for abandonning, but among them of in a warehouses, is coming together a group of persons.A youth of cold Jun quietly depends on on the wall of warehouse, this youth is dressed in the leather jacket in whole body black and descends the jeans in body black.The skin gloves that wear black on the hand, the whole body black integrates into a youth almost and completely to darkly in the middle, just youth but have a pair of eyes in ices blues.This eyes abnormality was bright, also unique to let youth in the blackness to have a silk to embellish.He far away hopes horizon, just the difference taken place by direction the sky that deviate a little bit in the Q city center is like what he saw clear, just in that silk at the time that energy was born, but the youth produced one in the oneself silk very tiny feelings motion.The youth quietly depends on wall noodles and seem a statue general, he clearly feels that the motion that the place that the difference is like produces happen in distance.She..Condescend to come?Youth is in mind and silent question writes.In this time, spread a voice in the corner from the blackness:"How?You want the target for looking for to appear?"The icy cold youth didn,t answer the question of mysterious voice and just resumed in Football Jerseys the sky normal of time tiny tinily sighed tone, connect down, came out two people from the blackness, these two people a male a female, that woman is engaging and charmingly feminine, at the moment wore charming smiling face quietly station in that man is flank, but that man is shape high big, a saw up height 2 meters are enough, while the physical stature is big and strong, all over is all muscle, and the youth of cold Jun compared with, seem a high mountain stands erect similar, he looking at a youth, and hugs nearby of woman, imitate a Buddha very satisfiedly and show generally."Green Zhi!What is your exactly coming to our organization a stem?All day long in addition to pack here cool I see devoid of any merit!"The green Zhi just looking at a big and strong man chillily, didn,t answer criticism his words, but big and strong man nearby of lookinging at of woman oddness the youth of this cold Jun, is just that the intuition tell her to seem this youth remarkable, hence NHL Jerseys young girl

"Finished saying four big fellows to then and crazily hurtle to go out

Mou, like crystal sort pure brightness, and even if the young girl is an icy cold facial expression,can not play the bewitching difference of showing young girl eyes.Is like the young girl of water lotus sort, stand all over is youth is in front of dust at that, the Tong Mou of icy cold and then bewitching difference tightly stares at that corner of mouth to take blood stain, but look in the eyes unusually firm youth.Her mouth moved, that moving voice rang out in the youth is ear."Do you want to become strong?So I am your strength, and then you carry out a wishes for me, if can, we together."The youth stares at a young girl, the young girl is also staring at a youth, slowly the youth smiled, his look in the eyes was full of selfconfidence, he hopes a young girl, firmness of say:"Your wishes I come to reach, and then you become my strength."Accompany with the youth is commitment, dark cloud gradually spread go to, the method disappeared, time again the time flow to turn and hold still of the thing again start flowing to turn.In out of the sky of the pebble fallen off in the ground, while the fist of big fellow also kept on flicking, moreover a few big fellows still keep lying prone to live on the body favour of the young girl, but the whole Be getting more different.Because is many in the world a person, one looks like mild woman, a beautiful woman, but that woman block at Ling Tian is front, the big fellow shockedly doesn,t understand of looking at in front, originally is NBA Jerseys a youth don,t know how to suddenly become a young girl.The young girl hopes and accepts not to live the big fellow of the boxing, the Tong Mou of crystal sort is abrupt however became pink, and at the moment big fellow is flicking an originally accepting of doesn,t live of fist unexpectedly immediately stopping of the miracle sort down, he shockedly looking at a young girl, the beauty of young girl makes him feel asphyxiation, three is living in the favour wall up of young girl of the big fellow also stopped down and shockedly looking at that young girl.They all feel at the moment the world is best to be like have nothing at all, have of just this is fond of a similar young girl, young girl of beauty be infected the whole world is general, their look in the eyes changes of the Huan spread, the intelligent changes of faintness.Hope all these, the young girl smiled and smiled very evilly and smiled very bewitchingly, she spoke slowly a way:"For the sake of me, would you like to jump into sea?"Four big fellow unanimous opinions answer:"BE!My fairy!"Finished saying four big fellows to then and crazily hurtle to go out, Ling Tian shockedly looking at a young girl, she unexpectedly and easily orderanies those four people left, is this the strength of that woman?The girl who waits for being played joke on by the destiny also shockedly looking at a young girl, she isn,t understand, why a words of the young girl will be like this of strength.But the young girl once turned head to raise a hand and up had a bracelet of pink, she saw say with smile to Ling Tian:"Remember our engagements!"Ling Tian also smiled to raise a hand and up had the bracelet in a green blue, the youth smiled to answer a way:"Have peace of mind!Can,t forget forever!"The breeze of Q City remains be blowing, the weather also remains cold, but this men and women is destiny will seethe after today.Chapter 1 is modifying range nfl jerseys cheap isn,t very big, main modification will since chapter 2, the chapter is to modify a problem, so I will NBA Jerseys upload quickly in order to at the progress for quickly catching up before, hope that what everyone saw is happy, also hopes that more and more people like the book " my bewitching imperial concubine is bodyguard", your support is my power.A spool of saint area war starts chapter 2

After death of the young girl be also getting more shocked

this life again how.Four anxious big fellows the ex young girl kiss and touch in front, young girl of the clothes have already left underwear of end as well, young girl of the tears have already soon drained, she starts accepting this unjust of reality, probably today later on she was disgraced to keep on living.Her look in the eyes is benumbed, and the Huan spread and wait for the arrival in that last moment, she is basic to have already given up to resist, the hand of that big fellow finally stretches to young girl the 1 F finally hide the thing of body, at this time the wrist of big fellow in holding tight of a hand prison prison, the big fellow shockedly sees toward the host of the hand who holds tight his wrist, the dirty mark of whole body, the head is still just continuously to lie on the blood, but the look in the eyes is that so a firmness, two eyes break out one silk relentless of breathing.See arrestment oneself unexpectedly is just that was beaten a too frail to stand a gust of wind youth by he or she, the big fellow cut up rough a pole, the original big fellow is interest head top, be bothered, have much angry can see out."I*****!"Big fellow one punch hammer at Ling Tian is head up, Ling Tian immediately feels brain one earthquake, that Ling Tian feel to all lose consciousness for an instant, close behind big fellow a knee bumps at Ling Tian is belly up, a sweet one mouthful blood vomited out in Ling Tian Hou, big fellow this with all strength two times dozen up, originally think that the youth damned, but discovered that the youth is hand unexpectedly still tightly holds his hand, not only he is getting more shocked, he after death of two big fellows also Be getting more shocked, after death of the young girl be also getting more shocked.But the big fellow didn,t stop, he was continuously the shot using a fist beat the youth is skull, the side shot beats a side continuously shout to let go, youth ignore how big fellow is the shot beat be don,t let go, Ling Tian feels that his/her own consciousness is more and more misty, less and less clear, the selfridicule in heart wears, I died quickly, ha ha, die very timidly, even if I died to also change that female is destiny, unwilling, I am unwilling!!!!The fist of big fellow is more and more quick, the strength is also more and more fierce, Ling Tian feels that oneself soon and thoroughly lost consciousness, and by this time Ling Tian put together in to face the sky to roar loud with all strength:"I!!!!Not!!!!!Sweet!!!!!Heart!!!!!"Suddenly, time held still, the facial expression of the big fellow remain so ferocious, will be still kept being full of a sorrow by the young girl facial expression for humiliating, moreover three big fellows still keep just growing action by, the whole everythings held still after shouting finish that me am unwilling at Ling Tian, all of everything an on every occasion, very uncanny, the half gets empty of thing can,t whereabouts, person like stone statue similar a move can not move.The whole everythings all so not and usually, down and out of what youth dared not believed looking at at present all these, because he can also move, the sky becomes a dark sky, abrupt however, appear a huge ancient method Authentic NFL Jerseys in the ground of youth is in front, is similar to a gossip general method, but is black, very the lightning flash Pi of color at the center in the method, a young girl appears at the middle of method, the young girl shuts eyes, Ling Tian swears from be born till now in spite of is all anyplace having never seen a generally beautiful young girl like the woman within method.That young girl has to pass like flowing water sort smooth long hair, longhaired hair quality such as silk wisp sort meticulous, pure white if the skin of meat sort is delicately smooth, the young girl fragrant body jossstick gradually sends forth, although the young girl shuts eyes, but the noble qualities saw a young girl a first eye discover at the youth.Everythings of all these all explain a young girl of perfect.Ling Tian not from see stare blankly, and the young girl opened eyes at the moment, perfect Tong