Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today come to tomorrow come of

this opens a net cafe to want money.Buy a computer to arrive is can not use how much.But this wants to make a business permit can bother.Now is rich can not do.Zhang Yu wants to open an underground casino again what.But this needs hand.Especially the somebody else still wants to cause disturbance and hit your field son.This really makes Zhang Yu difficult.Other people although it is said to ask for trouble they not afraid, but those persons who come to wager are afraid.Today come to tomorrow come of.The somebody elses all tremble with fear.Who return you here come.So Zhang Yu decides to greatly do 1.Make some money first.Recruit some person is horse to say again.Wager Zhang Yu hears that the eastern interest town there opened an appliance to play city, of very big.It is the machine in last cent.What the machines gambling all have.The biggest of the wager is 1 kind to play poker.100 dollar 100 cents.At least press pretty much.Zhang Yu once cheap nfl jerseys sees.That is one to be called dreamlike electronic game city.In have fun very bigly.The gain or loss is usually around ten thousand, hence Zhang Yu moved.Once asked as well 9527 have a question.Get all right this answer, Zhang Yu moved.Now at the right moment.This piece Yu and usually similar early and early get up, open gravity system, Zhang Yu lets today 9527 adjust 220 catty.There is no pressure, Zhang Yu arrives at a school with the similar to the mere mister speed.However he didn,t go to classroom, but the office that went to old Gao."Teacher Gao, MLB Jerseys I want to invite a leave."Zhang Yu expresses purpose.", NHL Jerseys Do what matter.You express very well recently."Old Gao cried up Zhang Yu Yi is.".I occupy.So want to invite a leave for a day."Zhang Yu says.", All right."Old Gao quickly opened a false, own name gave Zhang Yu on the label.Instruct a way:"Notice a safety.""Good.My meeting of.Teacher Gao, I walked."Zhang Yu finishes saying and then turns round into a school to walk.Run into Deng Yun on the road.Said oneself asked for left and then leave today."Grass.Lao Tze must thoroughly make one today big."Zhang Yu mutters a way.Zhang Yu arrives at bank, from the card in took 10,000 dollars to come out.Very thick one Ta money, let a bit excited in Zhang Yu Xin.Because he knows that he will soon win of more money.Beat of arrive at dreamlike electronic game city.Arrive at the pack of inside, inside already many people.But the inside is very quiet.No one loudly clamors, because majority of people come to all of my wagerses are the persons of societies, and mix betterly of that kind of is otherwise a confirmed gambler or very rich person in the home.Because

Zhang Yu would beg 9527 open gravity system

you.Up."Once the hand flick, 3 people hurtled to come up.Zhang cheap nfl jerseys Yu NBA Jerseys didn,t retreat, because he has already made a decision the defense system that to take a shot to train to take.The 3 people fist is divided into three places to offend toward Zhang Yu and offends toward Zhang Yu is chest respectively, belly and face.Weigh gains or losses, Zhang Yu averts from a dozen toward the one punch of oneself is face.Can be beaten by other 2 people is fists on the body."Mao.Mao."2.Zhang Yu basically has never felt oneself is body to contain ache.Seem have no matter person similar, have a little in the heart doubt:How to even have no the fellings of some ache?Really is 100 catties of attack dint to take no cognizance an attack all of a sudden.Take care of his.Zhang Yu is hand quickly tees off and beats on a person is face, this person is also the attack that is just more shocked than 2 people to beat in the time on Zhang Yu Shen having no of the point reaction of Zhang Yu Yi.So just be beaten by Zhang Yu a while in."Grass.It Be getting more strange.This boy not pain?Be beaten by our 2 people in, connect to order reactions all have no."The person Wu who suffers beating wears a face to say."Take care of his, perhaps he is enduring.Beat again, grass.Lao Tze still doesn,t believe that he isn,t painful."Say to begin the medium fist again beats toward Zhang Yu.Now of Zhang Yu but made sure to train the defense ability for taking.The attack on the completely regardless of body, directly several boxings change an one punch, the boxings all use to make an effort each time.Beat those three people complain of hard lot Die not.Finally after several minutes, 3 people discover that he or she really meets a monster.The several people benefit Suo ran road and had no one silk of hesitate.After this episode, Zhang Yu also made sure to train the defense ability for taking.Although oneself didn,t receive an attack, however still keep wasting much physical strength, because does oneself still need to hit persons.Sit at first take a rest after several minutes, Zhang Yu would beg 9527 open gravity system, slowly go home.So, next[one] semester all at the status bottom like this spends.And Zhang Yu bear of the gravity also became 200 catties from 60 catties.According to 9527 call, the training in nowadays takes of the defense ability can attain 200 catties of attack NBA Jerseys dint to take no cognizance.The text chapter 7 greatly does aZhang Yu quickly progresses in a recent day.Pain and sufferings combine happiness write.Zhang Yu in nowadays bears 200 catties of gravities to still be like a normal person to similarly run about and worked.Although this period of time inside, Zhang Yu is from the game hall in won about ten thousand dollars, Zhang Yu dissatisfied foot, because he felt this period of time of day really too boring.All repeat a similar affair every day.Zhang Yu wants in the past some business of developing oneself.He wants to open a net cafe.But

Toughen the host is artistic skill

people grasp him to NHL Jerseys use instrument.Because he is original don,t use.But this is social very complex.So Zhang Yu is still very careful.Several times after, Zhang Yu is in mind to ask 9527 open what.After getting answer, Zhang Yu directly pressed 250 BMW, for the sake of not arrestive, he pressed 100 Lexus again, 100 Honda.The result is affirmative.In Zhang Yu.500 pieces come to hand.Back currency, refund.Zhang Yu slowly walks on the street, always feel that oneself after death seems someone follow ground.Luo Mao in heart 1:MD, Lao Tzes are all so careful, can,t be a game hall to send comer?Zhang Yu didn,t turn head and continued to walk, and the place of dynasty cloudiness nfl jerseys cheap walks.He wants to try to train the defense ability for taking."Open defense system for me under 9527 etc.s.The gravity system closes."Zhang Yu order way."Boon.Know, host."9527 carry out Zhang Yu is order.It thinks in the heart:The host met to bother.Hey Hey.Is also good, toughen the host is artistic skill, otherwise hereafter how mix.Zhang Yu arrives at a place of cloudiness, here the one is black, in addition to Zhang Yu outside is a heel of three people.Zhang MLB Jerseys Yu comes to a stop, once turns round and looking at 3 people to said:"Is three, what do you follow my stem?""The Hey Hey, the boy, knows mutually of call money on your body.Otherwise don,t blame me the brothers is Don,t mention it."Walk the person in front set up for bad mercilessly say."Shout."Zhang Yu breath a sigh of relief.Because finally the assurance isn,t a game hall the parties comes out of person.Say:"My grass, you think you is who?Money that robs Lao Tze, Lao Tze reports to the police to catch you."Zhang Yu still thinks that the male rises first.But make reference to the time of behind, Zhang Yu cans not find to say of."Ha ha ha, also report to the police to catch us, grass, you with what catch us, have who can prove for you to is money that we robbed you?Grass.SB."The person who takes the lead once connected words Chi."Have 9527 defense systems been already opened?"It asks a way in Zhang Yu Xin."Good.The gravity system also closed."9527 voices spread."Boon, good."Said and then break to open and 9527 contact then say to the person who takes the lead:"Wipe.You think that Lao Tze feared you.Come, there is a skill coming right away to rob...Rob...Rob Lao Tze."Because haven,t done before, really a little bit nervous."Ha ha ha, you want to frighten me.Grass.See Lao Tze not to tidy up