Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Acne scar namely fades away of beauty sharing text

(Responsibility editor:Week path 偲 )
Win a new net to give chanel handbags or get an electric shock to report according to 《Apple Daily 》 in Taiwan on January 21, the medium report beauty blogger(blog) Lin Ha Ni on the 20th, the net sticks to wipe the Parisian Lai friendship fair frost, four days of company, acne scar namely fades away of beauty sharing text, but be grasped by the net friend to wrap all of the photographs that four days take effect is take with sky to be suspected of cooking up.
Lin Ha Ni after connecting to stick in the unknown blog yesterday two apology texts immediately closed a version to"precipitate", the hope net friend gave her an opportunity and"again paided the most deep apology to the negligence that delivered a text";Bureau public health in Taipei City namely registered for the record a survey yesterday, will around talk that the company of Lin Ha Ni and sale explains.

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